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Turn Your Dimes into Dollars

By April 13, 2021Blog

Turn Your Dimes into Dollars

How can a dime be worth dollars? Any math teacher would tell you that doesn’t compute. Yet, when it comes to determining total cost of ownership of a fleet asset, a 10-cent increase at the pump can cost thousands of dollars over the lifecycle of that vehicle.

We recently conducted a cost analysis of propane vehicles versus gasoline, diesel and electric. We compared fuel-related characteristics, like fuel economy and fuel cost per gallon, and preventative maintenance-related features, like lifetime oil change costs and fuel filter costs, to calculate the total cost of ownership.

Propane came in significantly lower in lifetime cost than all of the other fuels. And here’s something else we found: Every time your gasoline price increases by 10 cents per gallon, you could have saved $3,000 in total ownership costs with a propane vehicle.

For a diesel vehicle, that 10-cent-per-gallon increase would provide you $2,250 in lifetime savings with a propane vehicle.

For propane vehicles, those savings will continue to increase as traditional fuel prices rise. According to AAA, last year a gallon of regular gasoline averaged $1.87 across the nation; today that same gallon costs $2.87. The difference in those 10 dimes would amount to $30,000 in savings if you’d operated a propane vehicle instead.

Conventional fuel costs are expected to rise. For the next few years, the Energy Information Administration predicts both gasoline and diesel prices to increase due to the economic recovery and greater demand for transportation fuels.

Each month in our CleanTalk newsletter, we include the current average prices of gas, diesel and propane. Now, when you look at those numbers, you’ll see dollar signs and, more importantly, how you can reposition those dollars to better serve your customers, create jobs and innovate within your own operation.

Give us a call today at 800.59.ROUSH to start reducing your total cost of ownership and turning your dimes into dollars.

Happy spring!