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April 2016

ROUSH CleanTech Propane Fuel Transfer System

By General discussion

ROUSH CleanTech Propane Fuel Transfer System

ROUSH CleanTech offers a transfer kit that contains a hose with the quick-connect ends for the tank supply valve, and a threaded end and adapter for the bus’s fill valve. It also contains a wiring harness and box with a switch that plugs into and turns on the tank supply valve and in-tank pumps for service. It uses the in-tank fuel pumps from one vehicle’s tank to transfer fuel into another vehicle’s fuel tank.

This kit is available to order directly from ROUSH CleanTech, either as a service tool for your dealership or as an item you can sell (or give away to) customers. If you have a dealer interested in moving forward, please have them call 800-59-ROUSH and dial 2 for ROUSH CleanTech, then 2 for Technical Service.

The details and an image of the system are below:

Part Number:  11996002-L

Retail Price:       $1,000

Fuel Transfer kit