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May 2017

Golden Opportunities To Go For Green: Taking Advantage Of Alt-Fuel School Bus Funding

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With the Volkswagen (VW) settlement funds on the horizon, as well as Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) funds and local grant opportunities dovetailing with increasing progress, availability, and demonstrated efficiency of alternative-fuel school buses such as electric, propane, and compressed natural gas (CNG), now is the time to strike when it comes to seeking grants.

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Volkswagen Update May 2017

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Volkswagen Update: Dates Not Set

On May 11, a hearing was held that included selecting the Trustee Effective date for the Volkswagen Settlement. As of publishing this newsletter, we’re still waiting for the results — which we hope happens quickly. Once the Trustee Effective date is set, we can move forward with our timeline.

When this happens, are you prepared to do your part? We recommend selecting one point of contact at your dealership for Volkswagen communications. We are keeping an updated list of dealer contacts, so please send your information to Chelsea Uphaus at

To bring you up to speed, Wilmington Trust was appointed as the trustee that will oversee the administration of the Volkswagen Settlement funds. Once the Trustee Effective date is set, each state has 60 days to determine who their beneficiary will be and then another 90 days to produce a draft plan for how they will use the funds.

Once draft plans are published, you will have 30 days to respond to the proposed program for your state and comment whether you feel they are using the funds adequately. Written responses will be imperative at this stage to drive any changes to the final state plans.

In order to keep our messaging consistent, we will coordinate with your designated point of contact on responses. Please contact Chelsea Uphaus at or 734.466.6710 to discuss.

VW Timeline (5.15.17)