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May 2024

A Major Milestone for Clean Transportation Collaborations

By Blog

This month we’re celebrating the renewal of an exclusive clean school bus contract between Blue Bird Corporation, Ford Component Sales and ROUSH CleanTech. After 12 years of collaboration, we’re thrilled to reaffirm that a successful, long-term partnership in the alternative fuel industry is more than possible — it’s preferred!

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Cleaner Fuel Makes a Difference for a Thousand Schools

By Headlines

For the past decade, school districts have been making changes to their fleets in an effort to provide a cleaner, safer transportation option. Investing in a change like that has required schools to make major decisions about budgets, ease-of-transition and total cost of ownership. The path to zero emissions is wide, but can often come with costs that most districts simply cannot afford.

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Blue Bird Extends Exclusive Clean School Bus Collaboration with Ford Component Sales and ROUSH CleanTech to 2030

By Press Releases

5.1.24 – Blue Bird Corporation (Nasdaq: BLBD), the leader in electric and low-emission school buses, has extended its exclusive clean school bus collaboration with Ford Component Sales and ROUSH CleanTech to 2030. The agreement strengthens Blue Bird’s industry leadership in low- and zero-emission student transportation. Blue Bird is now the only school bus manufacturer in the United States to offer propane- and gasoline-powered school buses that will meet more stringent emission standards taking effect in 2027.

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