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Support Center Improvements

Support Center Improvements

Support Center Article 10.16.17This year, we’ve been making some huge improvements to the way that we support your customers. We’ve invested in staff, added new contact center technology and improved our online warranty services. Since making this investment, we have increased our call handle rate to 95 percent, meaning you’re talking with an actual human being.

First, let’s meet the team, including a few new folks hired this year to make our call center a success:

Customer Support Manager
Travis Wolf

Customer Support Agents
Nick Spisak
Karis Duncan
Grant Byrd
Andrew Dunn

Since hiring two more people in May to support our call center, we’ve reached a 95-percent call handle rate, which means you talk to a human being 95 percent of the time! Our phone lines are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST.

We’ve invested in new contact center technology. You can now reach us via email at We encourage you to take advantage of this new tool as it’s monitored regularly. If you reach us after hours, you’ll receive a response the next business day.

We’ve also implemented a new process for warranty issues. Our warranty website can be accessed with a login. To register for a login, visit If you have employees who need access to your service and repair cases, they can also complete the login registration form. We will continue to monitor and make improvements on this new process.

Have a question or comment? Please email Travis Wolf at