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Propane’s Ease of Adoption Attracts Agencies

Propane’s Ease of Adoption Attracts Agencies

During the past 10 years, ROUSH CleanTech has been on the cutting edge of clean transportation technology and innovation. We’ve deployed over 37,000 vehicles in North America, and reached a myriad of end users from product and package delivery to school and public transportation, energy and many more.

When these clean-fueled vehicles operate in our communities, they are producing fewer harmful emissions than their traditionally fueled counterparts. This includes hundreds of propane-fueled paratransit shuttle buses operating in states across the nation.

More propane paratransit buses are hitting the streets as public agencies learn about their ease of adoption. A few years ago, Pennsylvania’s Suburban TransNet found implementing compressed natural gas into its paratransit operations to be challenging due to the cost in time and effort it takes to fuel these vehicles. After analyzing other alternative fuels, the agency determined that propane vehicles and stations were the most cost-effective choice. TransNet now operates a growing fleet of propane shuttles and has become one of our greatest advocates on how easy propane autogas is to implement.

This is just one of the many transit agency adopters of propane since we began. Dozens of agencies have deployed nearly 2,000 propane autogas paratransit vehicles. DART in Delaware, San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, West Palm Beach Transit and SMART in Michigan are among the agencies reducing emissions and saving money with propane autogas.

Our propane Ford E-450 cutaway chassis is in the process of completing the Federal Transit Administration’s New Model Bus Testing Program (“Altoona Testing”). Transit fleet operators can access federal funds by purchasing Altoona-test vehicles. For example, Florida’s LeeTran secured FTA funding to cover 85% of their total propane shuttle purchase.

With a decade of experience under our belt, thousands of happy customers and more than 1 billion miles traveled, we’re looking forward to the next decade of innovation in clean energy transportation. Give us a call at 800-59-ROUSH if you have any questions about the ease of propane autogas adoption and how it can fit into your fleet.

Enjoy the cool nights and warm days of fall!