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Increase Value Year After Year

By July 21, 2014March 11th, 2016Blog, Fuel for Thought

Increase Value Year After Year

Someone once said to me, “People grow old. Companies don’t have to.”

As we individuals grow older, we tend to become more studied. Our experiences define a wise posture that we carry around, and our companies benefit. That perspective allows us to make decisions that keep our companies fresh, relevant, profitable and more interesting.

However, in order to do our part, we cannot ignore trends or fail to balance it with those experiences. This leads to decisions. And good decisions are what quality leadership is built upon.

At ROUSH CleanTech, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our value within the alternative fuels industry year after year. For us, growing older doesn’t mean slowing down. It means revving up and developing new and innovative ways to make alternative fuel technology viable.

Domestic alternative fuels make our nation stronger as a whole by creating new jobs, stimulating our economy and keeping American fuel at home. We increase value to our nation’s citizens by creating jobs, satisfying the need to save money — and keeping that money within the United States.

So here’s your fuel for thought. As our companies age, they should grow more principled, more useful, more worthy. Year after year, what are you doing to increase your company’s value?