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2019 Model Year Engines EPA and CARB Certified

2019 Model Year Engines EPA and CARB Certified

Our engines are set for the new year! We recently received Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board certifications for our 2019 model year propane engines.

The EPA and CARB certifications are applicable in all 50 states and cover our propane-powered 6.8L V10 engine used in the Vision school bus. Although we are still building 2018 model year engines, this certification helps ensure a smooth transition from MY18 to MY19 propane engines.

These are no different from this year’s certifications. The MY19 engine has been certified to 0.05 g/bhp-hr NOx (low NOx), which comes standard on the Vision. And, it has also been certified to 0.02 g/bhp-hr NOx (ultra-low NOx), which is available as an orderable option for an additional fee.

Both certifications meet CARB’s optional low-NOx emissions standards!

You can find copies of the certifications online here.