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Not Your Father’s Propane Trucks

Not Your Father’s Propane Trucks

Beverage World

Propane autogas, or just “propane,” is widely used as an automotive fuel throughout the U.S., and elsewhere around the world, but it hasn’t made significant penetration into beverage distribution fleets in spite of the industry’s current interest in alternative fuels. Even though it’s somewhat common for distributors to operate propane-powered forklifts, only a few fleets have chosen propane power as an alternative to gasoline power in their on-highway vehicles.

Part of the reluctance to adopt propane in the beverage market is related to the negative experiences that many fleets had with propane conversion vehicles a few decades ago. However, just as gasoline and diesel engines have been subject to improvements over the past few decades, propane powered engines also have improved dramatically, addressing the problems experienced with earlier hardware.

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