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Lowest NOx Propane Engine for Type C School Buses

Lowest NOx Propane Engine for Type C School Buses

Low NOx Alt Fuels 6.15.17

We now have the lowest NOx propane engine for Type C school buses. Let’s yell it from the rooftops! Or we can send out a press release that shouts the news to the nation — which is what we did.

ROUSH CleanTech has developed the first propane autogas engine available in class 4-7 vehicles and Blue Bird Type C buses certified to the optional low nitrogen oxide (NOx) level .05 g/bhp-hr. These Environmental Protection Agency- and California Air Resources Board-certified propane engines are 75 percent cleaner than the current emissions standard. They cover ROUSH CleanTech 6.8L V10 3V propane engines for school bus and commercial truck engines — and at no additional upfront cost.

Once we received certification, it was time to get the message out. Because these engines are in all of our vehicle models — Ford and Blue Bird — our press release was able to reach a broader audience. Along with the school bus industry trade publications, we sent the news to all automotive trades as well as national newspaper outlets. We also targeted the state of California, since this is the hotbed of CARB, to increase awareness of our propane buses and to reach a larger variety of people.

And, we included information about the VW settlement, since these engines fit right in when it comes to reducing NOx. By doing this, we could show states that our low NOx propane engines are prime for funding from the Environmental Mitigation Trust.

Here is a sample of media coverage we secured about the low NOx engine outside our typical school bus industry publications: