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Propane Autogas: Easy as 1-2-3

By May 30, 2023June 19th, 2023Blog

Propane Autogas: Easy as 1-2-3

In just three easy steps, propane autogas saves money on fuel, infrastructure and maintenance while slashing emissions. State and federal incentives can stretch budgets even further. 

Transitioning to propane autogas can be done quickly and cost-effectively; fleet operators will experience reduced costs and emissions immediately. 

Place your order through your favorite dealer. Or, convert existing vehicles.

  • Vehicle ordering timeframes are determined by normal chassis build lead times.
  • Through ROUSH CleanTech, a new or used vehicle can be upfitted to run on propane in just about 12 hours.
  • All 2023 vehicle models equipped with ROUSH CleanTech propane engines are now certified to the ultra-low nitrogen oxide level of 0.02 g, which is 90% cleaner than the strictest heavy-duty engine standards.

Personalize your low-cost, scalable fueling infrastructure.

  • Your local fuel supplier can install on-site propane infrastructure at low or no-cost with a fueling contract.
  • Mobile fueling delivered directly to you is available from propane suppliers. 
  • Fleets can take advantage of the nearly 2,500 public propane fueling stations across the United States.
  • The same fuel management systems for gasoline and diesel are used with propane autogas dispensers, and they dispense at about the same rate (approximately 10 gallons/minute).
  • The EPA classifies propane autogas as a non-contaminant of air, land, and water, meaning infrastructure can be installed in areas where other fuels cannot.

Maintain and drive your vehicles the same way you know how, but at a lower cost.

  • Eliminate the need for burdensome and costly after treatment measures required with diesel trucks. 
  • No need for specialized technicians.
  • No burdensome changes to make to maintenance buildings.
  • ROUSH CleanTech propane fuel systems are compatible with Ford IDS (integrated diagnostic system) equipment.

Learn why thousands of transit agencies, school districts and delivery companies run on propane. Click here to read case studies.

“As a business owner, I continually look for ways to add safety, improve day-to-day operations, advocate for environmental preservation and save money. Our new propane fleet vehicles accomplish all these goals.” — Lisa McAbee, president, McAbee Trucking (South Carolina)


“Diesel emission fluid has created a whole new problem, as we’ve had to deal with dosing problems and freezing issues. With propane buses, there are less items to watch for and they are much cleaner to work on. And I credit having propane buses with keeping our dollar amount low for 10 years.” — Kay Cornelius, transportation director, St. Louis County Schools (Minnesota)

“Public fleets in particular have a responsibility to take the lead and take steps to achieve significant greenhouse gas reductions within their own fleets. We take pride in doing what we can to protect our sensitive environment. A big advantage is the low cost of propane autogas. Our propane autogas vehicles save us 50% in fuel costs alone — and that’s without any additional tax incentives.” — Robert Toppen, (former) equipment supervisor, King County Department of Transportation (Washington)

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