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Is it the end of the line for diesel in vocational trucks and school buses?

By November 13, 2023December 20th, 2023Blog

Is it the end of the line for diesel in vocational trucks and school buses?

My dad used to remind me that the rearview mirror is much smaller than the windshield for a reason. While we can’t change tightening emissions requirements and the challenges that come with them, we can embrace what’s in front of us: viable, clean, cost saving solutions that already exist. 

The reality is that the transformational solution of propane autogas has been working for quite some time. With our strategic partner, Blue Bird, we’ve deployed more than 20,000 propane buses in 36% of the largest school districts in the U.S, saving those schools $4,000 per bus per year. 

Our vehicle technology has accumulated more than 3 billion miles with 3,000 fleets across every state and Canadian province. Couple this with the fact that our engines are now certified to the lowest available NOx level of .02g per brake horsepower hour and you can feel confident that by choosing propane, you have “future proofed” your fleet.   

Not only have we displaced thousands of diesel school buses and dramatically reduced emissions, we’ve also helped put precious dollars back into American classrooms. These 20,000 (and growing) propane school buses will save school districts an excess of $1 billion dollars in fuel and maintenance over their lifetime.

Our goal is to get every diesel school bus off the road as quickly as possible by replacing them with low- or zero-emission buses.

We are here to serve, so lean on our team of professionals to help you steer into the future.

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with family and friends.

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