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VW Funding: Dealer Helps with Application Process

VW Funding: Dealer Helps with Application Process

Michigan’s Holland Bus Sales is doing everything it can to help school districts secure Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust funding. The dealer hosted a meeting at ROUSH CleanTech with its sales team to discuss the ins and outs of funding and is educating school districts about obtaining funding.

The dealership spent almost three hours walking through the program itself, how to apply and what a district needs to do to be competitive. They also discussed customer targets for these funds.

Michigan has a long application period. Applications aren’t due until October, so Holland plans to continue spreading the message about the funds to Michigan school districts and encouraging funding to go toward propane buses.

On February 22, Holland Bus Sales will host an event with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the group administering the funds. They have invited Michigan school district representatives to attend to learn about propane school buses and how to apply for the EMT funds.

If you would like our help in communicating with your school districts about Volkswagen funds in your state, please reach out to your ROUSH CleanTech sales representative.