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Volkswagen Funding Update: Timeline Pushed Back

Volkswagen Funding Update: Timeline Pushed Back

We continue to wait patiently for a VW funding Trustee to be determined. While many states have an idea of who their beneficiary will be, they won’t be officially named until the Trustee is determined, which could take as long as six months.

Some states already have a very good idea who their beneficiary will be and others are keeping the information very close to the vest or just don’t know yet. If you are wondering whether your state knows who the beneficiary is, please contact Chelsea Uphaus at or 734.466.6710.

This will affect the timing for the rest of the pieces that need to fall into place. At this rate, the delay means that the funds most likely won’t be available until 2018.

We are ready to act once a Trustee is chosen. Until then, please make sure that all your paperwork has been submitted. Please send in your template letter and then personally reach out to your potential beneficiary to discuss propane and school bus replacements. We still want to be top of mind even during this delay.


  1. Send beneficiary letter. If you haven’t sent out all your initial letters yet, you can find the materials online here:
  1. Reach out to the beneficiary to discuss propane and school bus replacements.
  2. Complete this Excel spreadsheet and email it to Chelsea Uphaus. We’re waiting on this information from you to move on to our next phase of outreach when we will distribute program outlines like the one here.

Thanks to those of you who’ve already sent in your spreadsheet. We’re continuing to work on program outlines. If you have any questions, contact Chelsea Uphaus at or 734.466.6710.