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Volkswagen Update: September 2017

Volkswagen Update: September 2017

The Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust settlement continues to move forward. Most recently, an agreement was filed with the courts, which is a good indication that we are coming closer to a trustee effective date. Once the trustee date is established, then a beneficiary for each state will be named, and mitigation plans can be developed for how the funding will be allocated and dispersed.

Here are four steps to be in the best position to request funding from your state.

Step 1: Define the fleet needs of potential propane bus customers, and know how many pre-2007 diesel engines they have in their fleet. The Environmental Mitigation Trust defines the exact types of vehicles for this funding, which includes Class 4-8 school, shuttle or transit bus replacement. That means the Blue Bird Vision Propane school bus would be eligible.

Step 2: Reach out for help to frame the project for your state’s beneficiary. We have a number of resources and information to help build the case for propane school buses to be included in your state’s plan.

Step 3: Review our propane autogas NOx reduction effectiveness calculations, which were recently updated with the latest AFLEET data set. You will see that propane autogas provides the best value in NOx reduction per dollar spent by a wide margin in Class 4-7 trucks (for white fleet needs) and school buses. This is great information to send to your state’s beneficiary.

Step 4: Respond and participate in meetings that will help your state develop their mitigation plan. Although this process has been in the works for almost a year, you can still get in on the early stages of plan development. Don’t assume that your state has finalized their plans — even if you’ve heard rumors on how it will be allocated. Don’t let that funding go somewhere else because your state’s beneficiary wasn’t well informed.

Updated VW Timeline Sept 2017

There is still time to make your case for propane school buses, and we are here to help. If you have any questions about the Volkswagen settlement or the Environmental Mitigation Trust, please contact Chelsea Jenkins at Or visit for more information.