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Volkswagen Update: July 2017

Volkswagen Update: July 2017

Things are moving forward! Although Wilmington Trust was designated as the Trustee months ago, they hired outside council because of unforeseen issues needing resolution. After feeling pressure from the courts, the Department of Justice has been urged to resolve these issues with Wilmington Trust soon.

This means that Wilmington Trust could be designated the Trustee of the settlement’s Environmental Mitigation Trust as soon as this month. Whenever it occurs, states will then have 60 days to nominate a state agency to serve as Beneficiary. Following that date, states will have 90 days to draft and submit their mitigation plans.

We expect that every state will submit their Beneficiary Mitigation Plans, which outlines their fuel- and vehicle-type priorities, by November 2017. The more progressive states may open up their first Volkswagen grant programs as soon as this fall — which is a much more aggressive timeline than we anticipated.

If you have any questions about the Volkswagen settlement or the Environmental Mitigation Trust, please contact Todd Mouw at

VW Timeline 6.26.17