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Volkswagen Update: January 2018

Volkswagen Update: January 2018

This year, we hope to see continued momentum with the Environmental Mitigation Trust, and possibly see some funds dispersed. Almost all the state beneficiaries have been selected, so you should know who to contact. We still need you to reach out to your state’s beneficiary to schedule meetings and learn what your state plans to do with the money.

There is still time to make the case for propane school buses. You can find out your state’s status on the VW Settlement Clearinghouse website. Many state plans are already being published.

If you have not reached out to your state’s beneficiary to discuss propane school buses or need additional help in doing so, please contact Chelsea Jenkins at She can work with you to develop an outreach plan.

We’ve also created some tools that you can to use to “speak the language” of the beneficiary in your outreach. This one-page flyer, attached here, can be tailored to your state. The main message of this document is that in a dollar-for-dollar comparison to reduce NOx:

  • Propane is 35 percent more cost-effective than diesel school buses.
  • Propane is 65 percent more cost-effective than electric school buses.

And, we created a short video entitled Knock Out NOx to easily explain the importance of removing NOx in school transportation. You can use this video as a part of a presentation, or add the link to your email correspondence.

Let’s not lose sight of the potential funding from the $2.9 billion trust that could go toward purchasing our low-NOx propane school buses.

If you have any questions about the Volkswagen settlement or the Environmental Mitigation Trust, please contact Chelsea Jenkins at You can also visit for regularly updated information.