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Volkswagen Update: June 2017

Volkswagen Update: June 2017

Even though Wilmington Trust was appointed as the trustee of the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust in March, the trustee effective date has yet to be set. Until that date is established, the next steps on the timeline cannot move forward.

At this pace, we don’t foresee any money flow in 2017. But we continue to create the case for propane school buses to be included in state’s funding. This month, we ask that you put together a list of your top customers who would be willing to submit a letter in support of school bus replacement for the VW settlement.

We encourage you to tell your customers to be creative and to personalize the letter. Providing real-world demonstration of the success of propane school buses is a great way to resonate with the beneficiaries, particularly when it comes to kids and public health.

Once you provide the letter template to your customers, we’ll need your help to make sure that they submit the letter to their state beneficiary.

For a copy of the letter or with any questions, please contact Chelsea Uphaus at or 734.466.6710.

VW Update June 2017