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Important Update: VW Funding Efforts

Important Update: VW Funding Efforts

In our last issue of the Alt Fuels Report and at the national dealer meeting, we mapped out a strategy to secure VW funding for alt fuel school buses. So far, our outreach efforts have yielded the following results:

About 50 percent of Blue Bird dealers have contacted us and are working on their letters. We need to get that number higher. Please reach out to Chelsea Uphaus if you have any questions on completing the template letters. You can find them here.

Seven meetings have been scheduled with potential beneficiaries to discuss the inclusion of school bus replacement funds in their states’ program.

We’ve received four responses from governor’s offices acknowledging they have received our letter and will consider school buses in their state’s programs. Only 46 more to go!

We encourage all dealers to actively be working with school districts, sending in their letters to beneficiaries, and completing the Excel spreadsheet template that Blue Bird sent in a recent dealer memo. Our goal is that by the end of this month (that’s 11 more days), all dealers have sent their beneficiary letters and also have spoken to five school districts to get each of them to submit a letter.

If you have any questions, please contact Chelsea Uphaus at