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The Power of Choice in Clean Transportation Technology

By November 10, 2020Blog

The Power of Choice in Clean Transportation Technology

The saying, “one size does not fit all” has seen many adaptations over the years from student testing, to healthcare and in how we parent our kids, to name a few. When it comes to alternative fuels, the phrase doesn’t fit, either. As the pace of innovation in the world of transportation continues to quicken, the ability to leverage multiple energy solutions to solve our air quality issues, create American jobs and reduce operational costs in order to be more competitive have never been more critical.

This is why at Roush we continue to invest heavily in propane autogas, battery electric technology and are even looking at how we could bring a hydrogen solution to market for commercial trucks and buses. We are listening to our customers who want choices across the medium-duty vehicles they operate.

We started production of our Gen 5 propane autogas fuel system last month. This innovative propane autogas technology integrates Ford’s new 7.3L V8 engine in Class 3-7 chassis. Whether it’s one vehicle or hundreds, autogas is easy to adopt, the fueling infrastructure is affordable and flexible, and the fuel source is plentiful. And it brings thousands of dollars in fuel and maintenance savings per vehicle, per year.

Building off that solid foundation and backed by decades of engineering capability from Roush Enterprises, we are providing Penske Truck Leasing with our all-new Ford F-650 battery electric vehicles for deployment across Southern California. The zero-emission BEVs reduce operating costs for customers, and foster healthier communities by emitting no exhaust or emissions of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds and hydrocarbons.

The bottom line for each of these clean transportation fuels is that they reduce harmful pollutants, provide cleaner air in the communities where we live and work, and foster job growth in the United States.

We have deployed more than 37,000 Ford medium-duty trucks and Blue Bird school buses featuring advanced technologies with customers, accumulating well over 1 billion road miles. We will continue to give our customers the flexibility and freedom to choose the transportation path that works best for their fleet needs.

Give us a call at 800.59.ROUSH to discuss these clean transportation fuels and how they can integrate into your fleet.

Enjoy the beginning of the holiday season!