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The Changing Emissions Landscape

By August 10, 2021Blog

The Changing Emissions Landscape

Our nation’s emissions and air quality landscape is ever-evolving. Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board have proposed and signed into legislation numerous standards for the future of clean air.

We are poised to meet the major aspects of the proposed standards for both 2024 and 2027, when even more stringent regulations will be implemented. Our Gen 5 propane engine is certified for nitrogen oxide (NOx) to 0.05 g/bhp-hr, which is part of the proposed 2024 emissions regulations. That means today, our standard offering is 75% cleaner than the current requirement.

The proposed regulations for the next round in 2027 include reductions in carbon dioxide along with pushing down NOx to 0.02. We are actively working on future emissions reduction strategies that will allow our partners and customers to remain ahead of the curve without compromising vehicle performance, durability or serviceability. 

Tougher EPA and CARB regulations are coming for all vehicles with NOx, particulate matter and greenhouse gas reductions are the major themes. All fuels will have to comply, and it will be an immensely challenging hurdle for diesel in many of the heavy idle, start stop vocations in class 4-7 trucks and buses. The only way for diesel to get to the reduced emissions levels is to add more cost and complexity driving more burden to the engine OEM’s and end customers.

The Biden Administration’s proposed Infrastructure and Jobs Act will dedicate funding to a number of programs, including bolstering the domestic EV manufacturing base and talent pool and incentives to drive sales of those trucks and buses. This funding will lead to new clean mobility technologies that will drive down emissions to meet — and even exceed — upcoming regulations.

For almost 50 years, Roush has been leading the charge to help our customers develop new methods, vehicles and tools to move goods and people more efficiently. We have the capability, the tools and the talented people to help our nation progress to zero emissions transportation. Call us at 800.59.ROUSH to learn more about our clean mobility offerings and how our solutions will benefit your fleet.

Enjoy the rest of summer, and see you after Labor Day!