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Success, Support and Surveys

By February 26, 2018March 1st, 2018General discussion

Success, Support and Surveys

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A customer’s overall experience with a product is influenced in multiple ways. When the product is commercial trucks and school buses, it is easy to understand why service and after-sale support is so important. Every day that a vehicle is out of service is costly and inconvenient. We want to ensure that even the most challenging repairs are completed for our customers as quickly as possible. Reducing vehicle downtime should be a primary goal for all of us, and we can each contribute to that effort.

Effective communication between the service center and ROUSH CleanTech is key.

Our support team is fully committed to being accessible and responsive. Ninety-six percent of all incoming calls to our 800-59-ROUSH support line are answered by a qualified support agent who is ready to help. Emails to our support inbox at are typically responded to within the hour. We are available weekdays between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern, and messages received after hours are promptly returned the next business day.

The most efficient way to communicate with us on a warranty repair is by opening a case through our Online Warranty System. The sooner a case is opened, the sooner we can identify the problem and start working with you toward a solution. Your case will be assigned to one of our Technical Support Agents who can walk you through diagnostic and repair procedures, ship warrantied replacement parts via Next Day Air, and approve labor reimbursements.

Our support agents are focused on moving their cases through these steps as quickly as possible, but we need your help. If a ROUSH CleanTech support agent emails you to request vehicle diagnostics, it means we don’t yet have the information we need to provide a replacement part under warranty. The faster you respond to that diagnostic request, the less downtime for you.

Talking to the right person is also critical. Ideally, the person opening the case with us would be the same person who is repairing the vehicle. We are happy to provide anyone at your organization access to your warranty cases. You can register here. It’s especially important that the technicians remain in close communication with us throughout the repair process.

Please take a moment to participate in a brief survey to help us better understand your organization and identify the key players who can join our effort to reduce vehicle downtime.

If you have any question, please contact our Customer Support Manager, Travis Wolf at