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Student Transportation, Inc. Places Largest Propane-Powered School Bus Order in Industry History with Environmentally-Friendly Blue Bird Vision School Buses

By December 20, 2012January 2nd, 20132012 Press Release, Press Releases

Student Transportation, Inc. Places Largest Propane-Powered School Bus Order in Industry History with Environmentally-Friendly Blue Bird Vision School Buses

Blue Bird to supply more than 400 school buses with ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas fuel systems to Student Transportation, Inc. for use in Omaha, Nebraska

OMAHA, Neb. (December 19, 2012) — Blue Bird and ROUSH CleanTech commend the Metropolitan Omaha Education Consortium and Student Transportation, Inc., (STI) for collaborating to deploy more than 400 Blue Bird Propane-Powered Vision school buses. This contract will cost-effectively transport the students of Omaha while reducing exhaust emissions.

Serving Millard and Omaha Public Schools, the contract is the largest transportation agreement in STI’s history. It is also the biggest single order to date of propane buses for Blue Bird, the leading provider of propane autogas powered school buses utilizing the industry-leading ROUSH CleanTech fuel system.

“We are thrilled that STI and Omaha Public Schools made the decision to move to propane autogas, making Omaha a greener city by dramatically reducing the emissions produced in transporting children to school each day,” said Phil Horlock, president and CEO of Blue Bird Corporation. “This order — the single largest in the industry’s history — shows Omaha’s commitment to creating a cleaner and safer city for all of us to enjoy.”

The Blue Bird school buses, equipped with ROUSH CleanTech’s dedicated liquid propane autogas fuel system, reduce carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and total hydrocarbon emissions, and virtually eliminate particulate matter, when compared to conventionally fueled school buses. The buses meet stringent Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board certification standards.

More than 90 percent of the U.S. propane supply is produced domestically, with an additional 7 percent from Canada, resulting in a domestic and secure source of energy.

“We applaud the Omaha Public School Board’s decision to partner with STI to deploy more than 400 Blue Bird Propane-Powered Vision school buses,” said Joe Thompson, president of ROUSH CleanTech. “STI, Blue Bird and ROUSH CleanTech, as innovative leaders in cleaner student transportation, will work together to provide the school district the same level of quality, service and commitment we have offered to all of our satisfied customers throughout the years.”

Propane autogas offers reduced fuel and maintenance costs due to its clean-burning properties. On board the buses, noise levels are decreased by 50 percent when compared to diesel counterparts, giving drivers fewer distractions. With more than 17 million vehicles on the road worldwide, propane autogas is the third most commonly used transportation fuel, behind gasoline and diesel.

“Domestically produced, clean propane autogas is a perfect fit for school fleets,” said Denis Gallagher, chairman and CEO of STI, one of the largest providers of school bus transportation services in North America. “At STI, we’re showing that there is a better way to transport children to school with a lower cost of operation.”

According to Omaha Public School’s website, the school district aims to be “one of the most energy and resource efficient school districts in the country.” This conversion to propane-powered Blue Bird school buses moves them closer to their goal.

About Blue Bird Corporation: Blue Bird offers a complete line of Type A, C and D school buses in a variety of options and configurations. For more than 85 years, Blue Bird Corporation has continued to set industry standards with its innovative design and manufacturing capabilities. Additionally, Blue Bird provides comprehensive financial solutions through Blue Bird Capital Services. Today, Blue Bird has more than 1,500 employees, Georgia-based manufacturing facilities and an extensive network of dealers and parts & service facilities throughout North America. Its global presence can be seen in more than 60 countries through sales into Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. For more information, visit the Blue Bird website at

About ROUSH CleanTech: Based in Livonia, Mich., ROUSH CleanTech offers dedicated liquid propane autogas fuel systems for a variety of light- and medium-duty Ford vans and trucks, and for the Blue Bird Propane-Powered Vision and Micro Bird G5 school bus. The ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas fuel system for the Blue Bird Vision delivers the same factory performance characteristics and serviceability with a 5-year / 100,000-mile limited warranty. Customers can lower operating costs significantly while reducing vehicle emissions. Complete details on ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas offerings can be found at or by calling 800.59.ROUSH.

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