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Strong Salesmanship Leads to Conquest

Strong Salesmanship Leads to Conquest

A few years ago, Jeff Pschirer, VP school bus sales at Blue Bird Bus Sales of Pittsburgh Inc., learned that a local contractor was interested in getting into the big bus business. At the time, this company only ran vans and smaller type “A” equipment. They were interested in larger options because they had picked up a school district that needed 20 buses. Jeff worked to make the sale, but the contractor was loyal to another brand and decided to purchase their propane option.

The contractor did agree to buy three gasoline buses from Blue Bird Bus Sales of Pittsburgh Inc. in that same order. The new account manager, Michael Poppa, maintained a relationship with this contractor, stopping in monthly to check in with questions: Did they need anything? Could he help them with parts?

At the same time, Michael was cultivating a relationship with a local college that needed a contractor. He immediately thought of his customer. He connected the college with the contractor to run the colleges buses. He allowed the contractor to borrow a propane demo.

Fast forward to today, and their relationship has only grown stronger. The support from the competitive product had been sketchy, which allowed Michael to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the Blue Bird system versus the competition. He shared marketing case studies. This led the contractor to place an order of 14 Vision Propane buses, 3 Vision gas buses and 6 Micro-Bird type “A” buses from Blue Bird Bus Sales of Pittsburgh Inc. just last month. When you have the complete package, a knowledgeable and eager sales team, unparalleled service support and a parts team that always goes the extra mile and you are able to show your customer all of this, it definitely makes the decision an easy one.

According to Michael, “Good old-fashioned salesmanship got us the deal.”

Congratulations Jeff, Michael and the team at Blue Bird Bus Sales of Pittsburgh Inc. on this huge conquest!