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Service Network Expands to Over 650 Locations

Service Network Expands to Over 650 Locations

The number one goal of ROUSH CleanTech’s service network is to reduce our customer’s vehicle downtime. This is the reason why we invest so much in keeping our service network as up to date as possible. We train and equip our extensive service network with the tooling and service diagnostic information required to maintain our fuel systems.

In early 2018, we had 450 service centers across the nation. Yet, we needed to take a good look at this network. We went through a downsizing process to get a more accurate representation of our service network, and the number went down to 277.

We have since built our network to include 662 active service centers across the United States, made up of Ford dealers, Blue Bird dealers and independent service centers. We continue to add quality service centers to assist in repair times and get your vehicles back on the road. Service centers can act as a fleet’s primary location, or as a backup when needed.

Visit our online service center locator to find a location near you. If additional service is required, contact us though our online form.

Please note that each service center is independently owned; you can contact them directly for hours of operation.

Is your business interested in becoming a certified ROUSH CleanTech service center?

The first thing we ask is that you contact ROUSH CleanTech’s customer success team at 800.59.ROUSH or to tell us of your interest. Once we qualify your technical capabilities and talk through the steps required to become a service center, we’ll get you signed up and access to our service portal and web-based training.