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ROUSH CleanTech’s Propane Technology Performs for Alaska

By August 24, 2011September 4th, 20122011 Headline, Clean Tech News, Headlines, In the News

ROUSH CleanTech’s Propane Technology Performs for Alaska 

August 23, 2011 — Alaska’s Propane Technical Summit brought together 30 government officials, operational experts representing North Slope companies, and other potential stakeholders to discuss how ROUSH CleanTech’s propane autogas technology can promote job growth and environmental sustainability in Alaska, while turning an underutilized native natural resource into an economic gain.

The summit follows a nine-month demonstration of two ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas Ford F-250 pickup trucks, coordinated by the Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority (ANGDA), to give Alaskan private and public fleets a comprehensive look into how this readily available alternative fuel performs in sub-zero temperatures.

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