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Readying for School Bus Funding

Readying for School Bus Funding

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, but have you started to dig in to understand how this can benefit the alternative fuels industry? There is a lot of money allocated for alternative fuels — and specifically for electric. But there is also money out there for propane and school buses are the main focus.

The Clean School Bus Program is a $5 billion fund that will be available later this year. State and local governments, nonprofit school transportation associations and contractors that sell clean or zero emission buses are eligible for the funding.

Half of the program’s funding will be for the purchase of electric buses and the other half is for propane and/or electric buses. Starting in 2022, $1 billion will be distributed each year over the next five years through 2026.

The program specifics are still under development, but we should learn more later this month. So, now is the time to start thinking about how you can apply for funding to adopt clean-operating propane school buses. With rising diesel fuel prices, stricter emissions regulations on the horizon and the option to reduce operational costs, propane is an excellent option for student transportation.

We are here to help. If you have any questions about the money available, other federal or state incentives and programs, or how to apply for funds to adopt propane school buses, contact us today.

Happy Spring and enjoy March Madness!