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Reaching the Clean Mobility Tipping Point

By May 11, 2021Blog

Reaching the Clean Mobility Tipping Point

If you’re hiking up to a summit, the journey back down is much easier. Imagine a day when school districts and companies are not as intent on lowering emissions in their communities or in meeting budgets while battling rising fuel costs. A day when people are breathing easier (literally) as well.

As we transition more vehicles to advanced, clean transportation solutions, such as propane autogas and electric vehicles, reaching the summit, or tipping point, becomes more attainable. Using domestic energy sources that offer environmental and financial sustainability while creating new jobs really sweetens the deal.

While the benefits should speak for themselves, think of a day where instead of explaining these “new” fuel technologies, we are reminiscing about the yesteryears of dirty soot coming out of tailpipes. After all, there are already 20,000+ clean-operating propane school buses in over 1,000 districts in the U.S. — hopefully one day, sooner than later, schoolkids will be accustomed to the quieter, cleaner rides of these vehicles, rather than today’s oil-based options.

Organizations mentioned in this newsletter are doing their part in getting us closer to that tipping point. One in Michigan plans to get their entire fleet running on propane. Another, in Pennsylvania, has cut millions of pounds of CO2, while corporations are also adopting more and more clean mobility solutions.

There are more than 37,000 vehicles equipped with ROUSH CleanTech technology on the road today, with well over 1 billion miles of data backing up their viability and reliability.

However, to make a more significant impact, we need to ask what more can we do, and what advanced clean fuel solutions can work in our fleets. Alternative fuels can also save money over conventional fuels, which should help to reach the tipping point. Let’s consider that cutting emissions, a cleaner and quieter ride, and saving money will make for a more leisurely stroll back down the mountain.

Give us a call today at 800.59.ROUSH. We can help you reach the summit in your journey to alternative fuel adoption.

Enjoy the warmer and sunnier days ahead!