Roush Diagnostic Tool (RDT)

The Roush Diagnostic Tool (RDT) is a free desktop application available from ROUSH CleanTech that may be used for PCM calibration updates as well as diagnostics. The tool features data logging capabilities as well as DTC read/clear and KOEO/KOER functions.


The software is downloaded to a laptop by following this link to register:


Once the software has been downloaded, the user will be prompted to enter an activation code the first time the application is opened. The code will be sent to the email address listed when registering. Make sure the technician has a capable J2534 pass through device, which will be needed to communicate between the laptop and the vehicle, such as: Teradyne VCM 1, Bosch VCM 2 (comes with FORD IDS Package), Eepod MyCanic, or Eepod MCS1. If you have any questions, please contact ROUSH CleanTech Technical Assistance at 800.59.ROUSH, Opt. 2.

PCM Programming with RDT

PCM Programming with RDT

Roush Diagnostic Tool User Guide


ROUSH CleanTech Diagnostic Tool Vehicle ID Troubleshooting Guide


Voucher Code Requests

To obtain a voucher code to reflash a PCM, please complete this form.


To obtain a voucher code to reflash a SRM, please complete this form.


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