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Propane Wins Again!

Metro Lawn

The Roush Drag Team was at the Route 66 Raceway in Joliet IL this past weekend. Don Bowles who won the first race of the season running his Roush Propane Mustang in Bradenton FL won for the second time of the year. Bowles currently leads the NMCA Open Comp point standings and races a 2005 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang which was converted to run on liquid propane. This car, along with a 2010 ROUSH Stage 3 driven by teammate Susan Roush-McClenaghan and sponsored by AmeriGas/ Metro Lawn, are an offshoot of the kits that ROUSH Performance uses to convert gasoline-powered Ford pickups and vans to run on clean-burning propane.

Susan Roush-McClenaghan said; “With my #1 qualifying in Open Comp, a perfect light in E1 Mod Muscle and another win for our propane cars… all in all a very successful weekend”. 

“The liquid propane fuel injected engines performed flawlessly throughout both weekends and were the picture of consistency over a wide variety of changing weather conditions. Consistency and reliability are the keys to success in this form of racing and these liquid propane-powered engines continue to prove themselves and demonstrate the technology is viability within the severe-duty environment of competitive drag racing,” Bowles said.

The Chicago, South Shore and Wisconsin Clean Cites were also at the raceway to promote propane as an “Alternative Fuel” to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Susan Roush-McClenaghan gladly displayed the Clean Cities Logo’s at the race. Many came to see the propane vehicles being displayed, 2-Metro Lawn/Roush Clean Tech Trucks, a propane mower, an Amerigas Propane Service Truck, an ICOM Dodge Charger and a Schwan’s Delivery Truck that has the largest fleet on propane.

AmeriGas is the Nation’s largest Propane Company serving over 2 million residential, commercial, agriculture and motor fuel customers from over 1200 locations in all 50 states. Jim Hamilton Regional Vice President said, “The technology that Roush Clean Tech and Roush Drag Team bring to our industry comes with extensive engineering and proven technology. The future of Propane Autogas is unlimited with the exposure and technology coming on board, and the Roush Drag Racing Team is a viable part of the future success.”

Metro Lawn Propane Conversions support off-road applications of all sorts. Jim Coker Director said, “Propane has proven to be the fuel of choice for many looking to convert from costly gasoline.” Propane is gaining recognition as a proven American Fuel to power a variety of engine applications thus lessening our dependency on foreign oil.