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Propane Puts $250 Million Back into School Budgets

Propane Puts $250 Million Back into School Budgets

Earlier this summer, our founder Jack Roush contributed $1 million to support Eastern Michigan University’s mathematics and automotive programs. As an alum of EMU, Jack is a lifelong learner (and teacher) who has come full circle, from receiving his master’s degree in scientific mathematics to founding and chairing our company that is so heavily committed to technical excellence.

Jack’s passion and vision is our inspiration. We have assisted over 1,000 school districts deploy more than 17,000 Blue Bird Vision Propane school buses equipped with ROUSH CleanTech propane technology. Our advanced clean technology helps fleet managers meet their primary goal of achieving the lowest possible total cost of ownership in an environmentally friendly manner.

By switching to propane, these school districts have saved over $250 million that has been redistributed to hire more teachers, pay for books and computers, and even fund some sport and after-school activities that would have been cut due to budget constraints.

Here are a few examples of real cost savings:

  • Fulton County School System in Georgia saves about $3,000 in fuel and maintenance costs per propane bus per year compared with its diesel buses.
  • Kansas City Public Schools in Missouri is saving $500,000 a year in fuel and another $55,000 in maintenance each year with its propane buses.
  • Newport News Public Schools in Virginia is saving $800 annually on oil changes alone with each of its propane school buses.
  • Northside Independent School District in Texas saves $1.3 million in fuel each year with 193 propane buses.
  • Broward County Transit in Florida experienced a total net cost saving of more than $8.2 million by switching to propane from gasoline over a four-year period. That’s nearly a 43% cost reduction.

Low-emission school buses fueled by propane autogas are made in the U.S.A. and offer a sustainable transportation solution that provides a smart return on investment. Contact us today at 800.59.ROUSH, and we can help you learn how your school district can save money and put that savings where it belongs — to enhance our children’s education.

Enjoy these last few warm days of Summer!