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Propane Message “Starting to Resonate”

Propane Message “Starting to Resonate”

Fleet Owner

Compared to a year ago, the propane message is “starting to resonate,” according to Todd A. Mouw, vice president sales and marketing for ROUSH CleanTech. Fleet Owner had the opportunity to talk with Mouw as the Alternative Clean Transportation Expo (ACT 2012) kicked off here in Long Beach, CA Tuesday morning.

“Last year, maybe half of the audience might have thought that the price of fuel would go back down again, not now,” Mouw said. “Today fleets feel like they have to have a plan – a way to address the rising cost of gasoline and diesel. We don’t believe there is a single silver bullet; that’s why we are called ROUSH CleanTech not ROUSH Propane, but [there is a great case to be made for propane in today’s market.]”

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