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Propane Industry’s Largest Expo Showcases Innovation

By April 14, 2015Blog

Propane Industry’s Largest Expo Showcases Innovation

Dear Friends of ROUSH CleanTech,

Propane technology is innovative. Propane is abundant and accessible. Propane is cost-effective.

These are just a few of the prevalent points made by industry leaders at the Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo— the nation’s largest show in the propane industry show.

Innovative. Companies that manufacture propane autogas dispensers are implementing the euro-style nozzle into their units. This nozzle is lightweight, ergonomic, reduces fugitive emissions and is as easy to use as a standard gasoline nozzle. Although it is not yet the prevailing nozzle type in the U.S., it is becoming more prominent.

Abundant. The U.S. has a vast supply of propane. At the end of March, propane inventories increased by 2.2 million barrels to 57.4 million barrels. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, last year the country exported an average of 3.8 million barrels per day of non-crude petroleum products – including propane.

Large supplies of propane means the fuel will stay value priced and stable. Talk to a propane provider about locking in your fuel supply to take advantage of current pricing.

Accessible. As the leading alternative fuel in the United States, autogas fueling infrastructure costs less than any other transportation energy source — conventional or alternative. Organizations can choose to install private autogas fuel stations, or use one of the thousands of public stations found throughout the nation.

Although propane has fueled vehicles for more than 100 years, forward thinking leadership and new innovation continue to push the world’s most popular alternative fuel into the mainstream here in the United States.

Call us today at 800.59.ROUSH to see how this century-old fuel can fit into your fleet’s future plans.

Happy Spring!


Todd Mouw