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Propane Comes To The Rescue In Emergency Situation

By October 9, 2017Blog

Propane Comes To The Rescue In Emergency Situation

Todd Mouw, VP of sales and marketing, ROUSH CleanTechOur nation has been hit hard by natural disasters in recent months. Gasoline and diesel shortages in Texas and Florida due to hurricanes wreaked havoc with people trying to evacuate prior to the storms and support First Responders after the storms had passed.

According to the Propane Education & Research Council, propane fuel is playing a vital role during the hurricanes, providing backup power, hot water and hot meals to those in need.

The portability and accessibility of propane makes it a stable and reliable fuel to handle emergency situations. Propane generators are keeping electricity flowing, and vehicles fueled by propane autogas are helping police, fire and public safety agents respond to vital situations.

Propane has long been known for its versatility. During Hurricane Sandy in 2012, no diesel fuel came into New York ports. But propane supplies weren’t interrupted, and propane autogas school buses were used to get medical personnel to emergency situations and to hospitals.

Last month during Hurricane Irma, Pinellas County Schools used their propane school buses to evacuate residents including those in nursing homes who were in flood zones. The school district worked with their local propane dealer prior to the storm to develop a propane refueling plan. Throughout the natural disaster, the propane buses’ tank capacities were sufficient to sustain them through the process of evacuations and getting students back to school.

Although propane autogas has a robust nationwide infrastructure, it’s the fuel’s portability that makes it so accessible. Propane can be carried in bobtail trucks — allowing propane-fueled vehicles to be filled directly from a mobile truck. The fuel comes to you.

Our nation has a surplus of propane. Plus, using American-made propane autogas helps our nation’s energy security goals, creates jobs, and reduces dependence on imported oil.

You need a transportation fuel that’s safe, accessible, stable and reliable for your fleet. Consider propane autogas. Call us at 800.59.ROUSH to learn more.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our fellow Americans ravaged by these hurricanes as they continue to rebuild.


Todd Mouw