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Propane Bus Marketing and PR Tools from PERC

Propane Bus Marketing and PR Tools from PERC

PERC Alt Fuels 7.14.17
In addition to the marketing departments at ROUSH CleanTech and Blue Bird, the Propane Education & Research Council is working hard to promote propane autogas adoption. PERC has taken a focused interest in promoting propane-fueled school buses. And, they have tools that you can use in your marketing and public relations campaigns to grow sales.

PERC is an excellent source of statistics for your marketing materials and sales pitches. Periodically, the council will distribute press releases featuring new facts on propane school buses, such as “Research Shows More Than 700,000 Students in 47 States Ride a Propane Autogas Bus to School.” Here’s an excerpt of the release showing valuable information to build your case for propane:

At the start of 2017, more than 12,000 propane autogas school buses were in operation at public and private school districts across the United States, an annual increase of approximately 10 percent, according to figures from the Propane Education & Research Council. Propane autogas buses now make up more than 45 percent of all non-diesel school buses used for pupil transportation.

You can also find geographical statistics where propane buses are in operation on PERC’s webpage.

In addition, the council offers downloadable one-pagers, such an overview of propane-fueled buses and a school bus safety checklist. You can download and print them to include in a leave-behind folder or place them on your table during a show or expo. Or you can add the PDF to an email to a new customer who wants to learn more about the fuel.

Representatives from PERC attend many top trade shows to promote propane. They provide booths, panel speakers and more to get the word out about propane. Recently, they could be found at the STN Expo, Government Fleet Expo and ACT Expo.

And, you can often find Tucker Perkins, the new president and CEO of PERC, at our press events. This month, Tucker will be speaking at the Back to School event in Atlanta to promote the adoption of Fulton County Schools’ new propane autogas school buses.

Be sure to check out the resources that PERC provides to help you in your marketing and public relations efforts to ultimately help you sell more propane buses.