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Partner Newsletter

By May 25, 2012December 29th, 2014Uncategorized

Partner Newsletter

Our monthly electronic Partner Newsletter gives the latest information about what’s new in the world of ROUSH CleanTech alternative fueled vehicles.

You can sign up to receive our Partner Newsletter by contacting Ralph Hoy and becoming a Dealer, Service or Installation center. 

Partner Newsletter Archives

See past issues of the Partner Newsletter here.

Volume 4

Issue 1Training at the Work Truck Show (sent 1.28.2014)

Issue 2Tools For Traning (sent 2.25.2014)

Issue 3Your Top Three Questions Answered (sent 3.25.2014)

Issue 4 Customer Service is Key (sent 4.22.2014)

Issue 5Our Doors are Open! (sent 5.27.2014)

Issue 6 Service Cloud Streamlines Warranty System (sent 6.24.2014)

Issue 7Five Tips to Think About This Summer (sent 7.22.2014)

Issue 8School Buses Powered by Autogas: Safe and Supported (sent 8.26.2014)

Issue 9Understand Propane Autogas Technology (sent 9.23.2014)

Issue 10Diagnostic Tool Testing in Progress (sent 10.28.2014)

Issue 11New Retrofit Options Available! (sent 11.25.2014)

Issue 12Our Year in Review (sent 12.23.2014)

Volume 3

Issue 1Four Reasons to Switch to Propane Autogas (sent 1.22.2013)

Issue 3Meet Our New Director of Field Operations (sent 3.26.2013)

Issue 4There’s No ‘I’ In Team (sent 4.23.2013)

Issue 5We Put the Customer First (sent 5.28.2013)

Issue 6Propane Autogas Service Centers on the Rise (sent 6.25.2013)

Issue 7We Are Your Propane Autogas Resource (sent 7.23.2013)

Issue 8We Take Safety Seriously (sent 8.27.2013)

Issue 9Answers to Your Top 3 Questions (sent 9.24.2013)

Issue 10Ford F-650 In Production (sent 10.22.2013)

Issue 11Growth Matches Demand (sent 11.26.2013)

Issue 12Building Partnerships of Success (sent 12.24.2013)

Volume 2

Issue 1 – School Districts are the New Target Market! (sent 1.24.2012)

Issue 2Learn About Our Warranty Program! (sent 2.28.2012)

Issue 3 Learn About Our NEW Web-Based Training Program! (sent 3.27.2012)

Issue 4 – A Service Network That Works For You (sent 4.24.2012)

Issue 5 – Propane Autogas Service Network Expands (sent 5.22.2012)

Issue 6 – Service & Warranty Info Just a Click Away! (sent 6.26.2012)

Issue 7Service Network Expands Into Florida (sent 7.24.2012)

Issue 8Join Us for Two Propane Webinars (sent 8.28.2012)

Issue 9New Technical Videos Online (sent 9.25.2012)

Issue 10Interactive Service Center Locator Available! (sent 10.23.12)

Issue 11We Have Improvements for You! (sent 11.27.12)

Volume 1

Issue 1 – Welcome to the First Partner Newsletter (sent 11.29.2011)

Issue 2 Start the New Year Off Right With Propane Autogas (sent 12.20.2011)