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Over 100 Customers Attend Ohio Blue Bird Event

By June 19, 2018June 20th, 2018General discussion

Over 100 Customers Attend Ohio Blue Bird Event

Recently, Blue Bird coordinated several “Blue Bird Experience” events with dealerships across the U.S. One of them was the Ohio Experience hosted by Cardinal Bus Sales and Service. It took place at the Transportation Research Center’s Honda test track in East Liberty with a full day of scheduled activities. And, it was a hit with over 100 customers in attendance! Ohio Blue Bird Experience June 2018

The goal of the event was to provide area school district officials and state legislators the information needed to increase the safety of school bus fleets, put more money back into the classroom, and take advantage of available school bus funding opportunities.

Tony Rumer, the president of Cardinal Bus Sales, organized a day filled with a packed agenda. The attendees — more than 100 school transportation directors, technicians, bus drivers and school officials — arrived around 9 a.m. and were given a comprehensive packet that included information on all the vendors present along with an agenda of the day. Then, they broke into 10 different groups. Each group visited 10 pre-arranged stations throughout the day for 20 minutes each session. Product partners, including ROUSH CleanTech, Michelin, Safe Fleet and more, led the sessions.

Cardinal Bus Sales and Service’s session gave attendees the opportunity to get behind the wheel. Each attendee had the opportunity to drive the buses on the test track. The attendees were exposed to an impressive line-up, including buses fueled by diesel, gasoline and propane.

Shawn Dawson, fleet manager of Westerville City Schools, said, “This event gave me a lot of confidence in continuing to purchase Blue Bird Vision Propane school buses. The partnership between Ford, Blue Bird and ROUSH CleanTech is so strong.”

The event received press attention, too. Here is some of the press coverage gained throughout the Blue Bird Experience tour.