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Our Service Network Grows to 700+

Our Service Network Grows to 700+

With about 100 more service centers in the past year, ROUSH CleanTech’s service network has seen significant growth. We now have more than 700 locations throughout the United States and Canada. Our network is made up of Ford dealers, independent service centers, Blue Bird dealers and mobile repair technicians. We are constantly evaluating and adding new locations.

Not every Ford dealer or independent service center is familiar with our alternative fuel system technology. Training is required to safely and efficiently repair our products. We only bring on service centers once they are familiar with our product and are trained and ready to work on propane autogas vehicles, compressed natural gas or gasoline school buses.

Find a Service Center

We maintain our list of authorized service center locations on our website. You can filter the list by location, distance, service center type and fuel type. Our service locator can filter by location, distance, service center type and fuel type.

Need Service?

If you have a vehicle that needs service, go to and search the locator first before taking a vehicle to a repair facility.

We also suggest contacting the service center directly prior to taking your vehicle in — just in case their status has changed.

We work with all of our customers to make sure your vehicles are covered by a service location. If you have a recommendation for a new location or a specific service center, email us at with details. We will follow up and reach out to the service center.