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Our Gasoline Buses Go Unchallenged

Our Gasoline Buses Go Unchallenged

In 2015, Blue Bird, Ford and ROUSH CleanTech partnered to produce a gasoline school bus using the Ford 6.8L V10 engine. One of the biggest selling points has been its low acquisition cost. But, when comparing our gasoline bus to IC Buses, we clearly have the advantage. Let’s take a look at the differences.

Platform Details

There are more than 20,000 ROUSH CleanTech-powered Blue Bird school buses on the road and almost 2 million Ford 6.8L engines in operation. We benefit from partnering with a major on-highway OEM and receive a host of benefits from that partnership.

On the flipside, there are approximately 3,000 PSI-powered IC buses on the road, and the engine platform has little exposure in other medium-duty platforms.

Parts, Service and Warranties

We have expansive parts availability from Ford, Blue Bird and aftermarket topped with a dedicated ROUSH CleanTech service department. We offer a full range of repair options through dealers, third parties and in-house. Plus, our buses are backed by Ford and ROUSH CleanTech with the best warranty available.

The PSI 8.8 has uncertain long-term parts support, as aftermarket is unlikely to pursue at low volume. And, their warranty is only through its internal network.


We offer Ford dealer-level diagnostic software and hardware made specifically for Ford diagnostics. The full system control is designed specifically for the Ford powertrain, including engine, transmission and fuel system. It is compatible with all Ford vehicles in a customer’s fleet.

Their diagnostic tool is PSI engine specific, leaving transmission out. And, it’s not compatible with other vehicles in a customer’s fleet.


We have a dedicated training department with multiple training avenues, such as web-based training, customer on-site training, and factory workshop training. Our learning management system includes technician tip videos and modular courses.

Our competition has shown little to no training resources for new users of their products.

If you have any questions about these comparisons, reach out to your ROUSH CleanTech sales representative.