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Now is the Time for Domestic Fuel Use in Public Transportation

By July 7, 2013March 11th, 2016Blog, Fuel for Thought

Now is the Time for Domestic Fuel Use in Public Transportation

I’ve been thinking about the nomination of Anthony Foxx for the next Department of Transportation secretary.

The new leader should — in fact, must — take the lead in public transportation. This applies to all transportation leaders. It’s a formidable task, with so many competing interests and politics involved.

As mayor of Charlotte, N.C., Foxx was able to create jobs through new transit infrastructure. And, better yet, he’s turned to alternative fuels, including an electric tram service. He’s even supported more bicycle use.

Research by the American Public Transportation Association shows that more than 35 percent of American bus fleets run vehicles using alternative fuels or advanced technology.

In Michigan, Flint Mass Transportation Authority (MTA) operates numerous alternative fuels in their goal to reduce smog-producing diesel usage by 60 percent. The MTA vehicles run on propane autogas, diesel-electric hybrids, natural gas and hydrogen. As they’ve learned firsthand, it’s not about choosing one fuel over the other. It’s about choosing the right fuel for the job.

American made energy. American energy independence. New and skilled American jobs. American technology and innovation. And bonus — a lower carbon footprint. That’s a formula for success in transportation power.

I’m hoping that Foxx continues to encourage others on a national level to explore alternative fuels. Maybe I’ll even chug down some Gatorade, and get out my bike to enjoy some exercise and fresh air with my boys. Now that’s an alternative.