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Now Available: Propane Fuel System For Ford E-350, Type A Models

Now Available: Propane Fuel System For Ford E-350, Type A Models

E-350 Alt Fuels 10.16.17This month ROUSH CleanTech revealed its newest propane autogas vehicle. We announced this launch with a press release prior to a large expo this month. During this expo, we also set up media interviews with Todd Mouw to discuss the many industries that could benefit from this new model. And that includes the school bus market.

The Ford E-350 single-rear-wheel and dual-rear-wheel cutaway provides a Type A propane option for servicing routes with fewer riders. This is also a great choice for school districts that need buses to navigate tight routes, like in urban areas.

These vehicles maintain the same horsepower, torque and towing capacity as their Ford gasoline-fueled counterparts, and are powered by a Ford 6.8L V10 2-valve engine. They will be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board and compliant with heavy-duty onboard diagnostics.

We’ve had school districts and dealers specifically ask for this size school bus — and now it’s here. The propane autogas Ford E-350 cutaway will be available in 2018 model year. Orders are now being taken with deliveries beginning by late spring 2018.

Because this application is good for a variety of markets, a wide range of publications picked it up. Here are some examples of media coverage:

Heavy Duty Trucking
METRO magazine
NGT News
School Transportation News

If you need help gaining media attention or drafting your press release for your propane school buses, or if you have any questions about the public relations process in general, please contact Chelsea Uphaus at