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New Case Studies: Maintenance and Leander ISD

New Case Studies: Maintenance and Leander ISD

We’ve recently developed two new case studies. One explores propane school bus maintenance benefits. The other is an informative testimonial from Leander Independent School District about its 10-year experience with propane buses. Download them and share with customers to further show the differentiators of propane buses.

Here’s a quick overview of the case studies along with downloadable PDFs and a link to the ROUSH CleanTech website.

Propane School Buses Reduce Transportation Department Maintenance Costs

Faced with the challenge of maintaining buses within strict budgets, school district transportation departments across the United States look to cost-saving fleet alternatives. As district transportation departments across the nation work within tight budgets, many turn to buses operating on alternative fuels. School buses fueled by propane autogas have an incremental cost of about $8,000 more than diesel. Testimonials from four school district transportation directors demonstrate that this incremental cost is quickly recouped through lower maintenance expenses.

Download Maintenance case study PDF here, or visit

Texas School District Operates Propane School Buses for Over a Decade

Over the past 10 years, Leander ISD integrated propane school buses into its fleet to its current number of 117. About 30 percent of the total fleet runs on propane autogas, with a plan to convert to 60 percent in the next five years. The school district’s 24 newest Blue Bird Vision Propane buses are equipped with ROUSH CleanTech’s ultra-low NOx engines.

Download Leander ISD case study PDF here, or visit

COMING SOON! A brand-new case study on the total cost of ownership advantage for propane school buses.