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Let’s Connect with Our Telematics Program

Let’s Connect with Our Telematics Program

As many of you have now heard, ROUSH CleanTech is conducting a pilot telematics program to monitor real-time diagnostics. We are deploying devices on a total of 500 propane buses and 100 gasoline buses. All of the gasoline units have been assigned to customers, but we still need approximately 250 more propane buses to participate.

Have a customer in mind? The two requirements are that the customer’s bus must be equipped with a 2018 model year or newer Ford 6.8L engine, and also must not use another telematics technology (Synovia, Zonar, etc).

All your customer needs to do to participate is to sign our simple data privacy agreement and have our free, small cellular device installed into their bus’s OBD-II port.

Once the device is installed, we will be able to:

  • Know when active diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) are set
  • Collect basic geo-location data when the bus is keyed-off

We will then monitor and ask the following questions:

  • Is the vehicle sitting at a service center with no open case?
  • Should we open a case for the diagnostic trouble code that just set?
  • Can we diagnose / condemn the part without additional diagnostic information from the service center?
  • Can we predict a component will fail before it does?

By gathering this information, we are hoping to demonstrate a measurable reduction in your customers’ vehicle down-time. Assuming our pilot is successful, we will look at further capabilities of this technology in helping to predict failures before they occur.

If you have a customer who you think would be interested in participating, please contact your ROUSH CleanTech sales representative.