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Labor SRT Updates Available Now

By September 18, 2018September 21st, 2018General discussion

Labor SRT Updates Available Now

An updated list of labor Standard Repair Times (SRT) is now available here. We’ve developed FAQs to show what this means to you.

How are labor SRTs calculated? Our calculations come from a combination of Ford labor SRTs, time studies performed by ROUSH CleanTech-trained technicians using the appropriate tools, and feedback from service centers and technicians working with our product in the field.

How are labor SRTs awarded on a warranty claim? Our technical support agents add labor to your warranty case when replacement parts are shipped or diagnostic work is requested. A running total of your approved labor time is visible on the case:

Labor SRT

What if the time we spent on the repair doesn’t match your labor SRT? The ROUSH CleanTech warranty only covers the approved labor SRT. So, it’s critical to communicate with us if you’re unable to complete the repairs in the allotted time. We understand that unforeseen difficulties can arise during a repair and team members will do their best to work with you, but we can’t help if you don’t call first. Don’t wait for your invoice to tell us you went five hours over on a repair, please contact us at the first sign of trouble.

Does ROUSH CleanTech offer pre-approved diagnostic time? Beginning this month, ROUSH CleanTech Authorized Service Centers are pre-approved for 0.2 hours of labor time to bring the vehicle into the service bay, photograph damaged parts, and process a warranty claim. If a warranty repair requires diagnosis of a drivability concern, ROUSH CleanTech pre-approves up to 1.0 hours of labor time to bring the vehicle into the service bay, connect diagnostic equipment, complete our Drivability Diagnostic Worksheet, and process a warranty claim.

What about evacuating the tank? We offer 2.0 hours for a fuel transfer and 1.5 hours for flaring.  We do not pay labor time for venting a tank, but we can reimburse for fuel lost if a valid fuel receipt is submitted with your repair order.

Do you pay for travel time? The ROUSH CleanTech warranty does not cover any travel expenses related to the remote service of vehicles. It’s up to the service center or dealer to weigh the costs associated with repairing a vehicle on-site for a customer.

If you have any questions about labor SRTs, please email us at