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Jack Roush Inducted into NASCAR Hall of Fame

By February 11, 2019Blog

Jack Roush Inducted into NASCAR Hall of Fame

As you may have seen, on February 1, Jack Roush was inducted into the 2019 NASCAR Hall of Fame. In addition to having the winningest Ford race team of all time, Jack is also a hard-working, dedicated, innovative entrepreneur with an unparalleled technical curiosity that still burns bright at 76 years of age. Jack’s “never give up” attitude has helped propel the significant success of Roush Enterprises that includes many operating divisions, such as ROUSH CleanTech.

Roush provides engineering, technology and manufacturing support for companies that run the gamut from electronics and automotive to aviation, entertainment, military and aerospace. Roush’s innovations can be found in Boeing aircrafts and Bell Helicopters — even an engine for a space taxi as part of a NASA-funded research project. And, of course, this engineering and integration expertise can be found in all of our propane autogas and compressed natural gas engines.

In Jack’s words: “I’d like to be remembered as an ambitious person who wanted to leave the world a better place than the one he was thrust into, and creating careers and livelihoods for thousands of people who would not have had the opportunity to do as interesting of work in their careers.” Congratulations, Jack. You’ve succeeded. Roush has successfully sustained global growth in a constantly evolving marketplace for more than 40 years.

The clean-operating, low emissions, alternative-fuel engines that we are building today are just a part of Jack Roush’s present and future legacy.

You can be part of this innovative heritage while reducing your operating costs and emissions footprint. Call us at 800.59.ROUSH to learn how we can assist you in getting to the checkered flag!

Enjoy the rest of winter!