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Improved RDT Adds Functional Tests and More

Improved RDT Adds Functional Tests and More

The Roush Diagnostic Tool (RDT) is a free software application that allows technicians in the field to perform diagnostics and module reprogramming. RDT has recently been upgraded to include some new functional tests and tools to make diagnosis and repair even easier for technicians.

There are a couple requirements before running the following new tests: The computer with RDT installed must have an internet connection and be online, and the vehicle’s ROUSH CleanTech calibration within the Ford Powertrain Control Module must be updated to the latest level.

Fuel Pump Performance Test

The Fuel Pump Performance Test commands the fuel system solenoids to open and fuel pumps to run. This test works in all Generation 3 and 4 fuel system applications. It aids in drivability diagnostics to test the output of the fuel pumps. It also commands the pumps to run both low and high speeds, and records pressure outputs and fuel pump adaptives.

The technician uses the pump output performance test to determine if the fuel system is making adequate pressures or not. This data can also be submitted into warranty claims for concerns where the fuel system is believed to be the root cause of the issue.

Dual Tank Transfer Test

The Dual Tank Transfer Test is only for dual tank systems on F-650 / F-750 applications. This test works in 2018MY or newer Generation 4 dual tank fuel systems. It commands the passenger side-tank supply solenoid to open and fuel pumps to run to test the transfer function. The fuel level in the driver’s side tank must be below 55 percent, and the passenger side tank must be above 10 percent for the test to run. The test will monitor the changes in the fuel sender percentages to register a pass / fail for the transfer function.

Output State Control

The Output State Control gives technicians the ability to control the fuel system solenoids via RDT. This function works on all Generation 4 fuel-system applications. It aids in many diagnostic situations for drivability-related concerns. It’s also helpful when performing various pinpoint tests for fuel-system-related issues. Keep in mind, the ambient air temperature as read by the vehicle must be above 40 degrees Fahrenheit for this feature to work properly.

Hotline Function

The hotline function allows the user to send pertinent data from the vehicle directly to ROUSH CleanTech for review. This function works on all Generation 3 and 4 fuel-system applications. It sends all “Mode” data along with fuel-system parameters and fault codes. This data can aid our technical support staff in assisting with diagnostics.

PCM and SRM Recalibration

RDT has the capability to flash ROUSH CleanTech-specific calibration in both the Ford Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and the ROUSH Smart Relay / Gateway Module (SRM). A series of voucher codes need to be obtained from ROUSH CleanTech to allow the flash to occur. Codes can be obtained by contacting 800.59.ROUSH (then “option two”) or by emailing with the vehicle’s VIN number, mileage and reason for the flash.

For a complete RDT operator’s guide, including troubleshooting information, or to download RDT to your computer, please visit our website at