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The Importance of Productivity

By August 8, 2013March 22nd, 2021Blog, Fuel for Thought

The Importance of Productivity 

A recent GE Capital Fleet Services survey states that the top concern of fleet managers is maximizing productivity. Saving money and understanding new technology ranked high, too, but productivity was the primary concern, according to the survey.

Reducing ownership costs, minimizing downtime, controlling fuel costs, lowering emissions, safety concerns — today’s fleet management work is challenging.

And fleet managers have high expectations when it comes to the vehicles they purchase and maintain, which is why light- and medium-duty trucks and vans are a significant part of our nation’s vehicle fleet. They offer excellent horsepower, torque and towing capacity.

Now consider those same vehicles fueled with dedicated liquid propane autogas technology. The vehicles offer the same characteristics, but the fuel source allows for greater productivity. Propane autogas offers the longest driving range of any alternative fuel, less maintenance issues due to the clean-burning properties of the fuel, substantially lower fuel costs, quick and easy fill time, and an excellent safety record. All while offering the same performance.

Reduce our nation’s dependency on foreign oil. Reduce our nation’s carbon footprint. Create jobs by using an abundant and reliable fuel that comes from the U.S.

Good news for productivity? You bet.