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Green Your Fleet – Improve Your Bottom Line

By October 6, 2011February 28th, 20122011 In The News, Clean Tech in The News

Green Your Fleet – Improve Your Bottom Line

Corp! Magazine

What would link a Ford Mustang tearing up the track at a NASCAR event and a big yellow school bus picking up kids on a suburban street? The link is Roush Enterprises – in the one instance, it’s their racing partnership called Roush Fenway Racing – and in the other, it’s Roush CleanTech, which is powering big yellow school buses and a bunch of other commercial vehicles with essentially zero-emissions propane autogas.

Roush CleanTech has been doing research and development on a number of alternative fuels including helping Ford (one of their main customers and partners) set a land speed record with a hydrogen-powered Fusion. “About five years ago we began looking at where we wanted to put our chips in the alternative fuels space,” says Todd Mouw, vice president of sales and marketing. “We liked propane a lot so, because this is clean technology, we named the division Roush CleanTech.” But, Mouw says, the name is generic enough to enable them to branch out into other alternative fuel technologies in the future…

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