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Dealer Spotlight: Girardin Ontario

Dealer Spotlight: Girardin Ontario

Dealer Spotlight: Girardin Ontario

Girardin Dealer Spotlight 2.19.18Interviewee: Jane Greig

Title: Regional School Bus Account Manager (School Bus Sales)

Q. How long have you been in the school bus industry?

A. I’ve been in the industry for 11 years. When I started in bus sales, I was selling school bus parts. One of my regular customers was Cook School Bus Lines.

Q. How did you start the propane bus conversation with Cook School Bus Lines?

A. I started with the fuel conversation. I offered all the information I had about propane. We didn’t have a propane bus demo yet, so I took a gasoline bus to his site to show him something other than diesel.

Q. Did this influence his purchase?

A. Yes. At first, his order was for 18 propane and 30 diesel. After our discussions, Cook School Bus Lines did some more research on its own and spoke to current propane customers. The company then reversed the order — 30 propane and 18 diesel!

Q. Did you advise him on fueling infrastructure?

A. Cook School Bus Lines has infrastructure on its property that needs to be updated. They are already working with two propane providers to get that done.

Q. What is your motivation to sell propane buses?

A. My relationship with my customers is my strongest asset and I want what is best for them.

This was my first big propane sale, and now I’m incredibly motivated to sell propane. There’s a prestige behind selling propane and I’m glad I’m finally feeling it!

Q. How does Girardin Ontario promote alternative fuels?

A. Normally, we each have a propane demo to take to customers, and the company is really good at doing ride & drive events. It’s definitely a group effort.