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Funding Coming from VW Emissions Case

By December 12, 2016Blog

Funding Coming from VW Emissions Case

Dear Friends of ROUSH CleanTech,
Todd Mouw, VP of sales and marketing, ROUSH CleanTech

We first heard about the Volkswagen emissions lawsuit more than a year ago. The Federal Government validated that the company’s “clean diesel” vehicles were releasing a difference in NOx emissions between testing and normal performance somewhere around 40 times more than the legal limit.

The settlement was approved on October 25th and to address the excess NOx emissions occurred, $2.7 billion has been allocated to fund the Environmental Mitigation Trust (EMT).

The dollars set aside in this trust are to be used to fund actions that reduce NOx emissions and thereby reduce public exposure to NOx pollution. Translation: It’s money that can go toward lower-NOx alternative-fuel buses, like the Blue Bird Vision Propane and CNG and transit vehicles.

Don’t expect a big check to show up in your mailbox. Each state controls the funds allotted from the EMT, and can choose how to spend the money within the guidelines of the settlement that were published on October 25.

The funding levels for each state were determined based on the number of VW diesel vehicles deployed there. Each state will receive funding, which can be spent over a 10-year period.

What can you do to help make sure you get a piece of the pie? We recommend contacting your governor’s office and your state’s energy office to promote propane and alternative fuels.

We have several online sources that can help with your outreach. You can find them here. Or call us directly at 800.59.ROUSH with any questions.

Happy holidays!


Todd Mouw